A dataset contains task/activity information, and can be imported from Primavera P6 (local database or XER files), Safran Risk or from any Spreadsheet data capable output (MS Excel, CSV files etc)

A Turbo Chart file can contain multiple datasets that can have custom names and upto three datasets can be presented on each chart.

Date fields 2 and 3 are no longer used, but can be replaced with a second and third data set to display task data.

Data from multiple sources can be combined onto a single chart using multiple datasets


Turbo Chart files can no contain multiple charts. Each chart can be used to represent different parts of the same project, or could be used to display different datasets.

Customise each charts display:

  • Time and location grid
  • Up to 3 separate datasets
  • Selection of task shapes and legend
  • Location top images
  • Highlights
  • Text and graphical annotations



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