Involved on a Linear Project and want a Time Location chart?

We’d like to demonstrate how using Turbo-Chart: The EASIEST and FASTEST way to produce Time Location charts, can benefit your project. Our offer is to prepare a sample Time Location chart using your own project data and information using Turbo-Chart, to let you see the benefits for yourself.

What type of Projects?


We are seeking landmark linear Infrastructure projects such as

  • Tunnels
  • Railways
  • Highways
  • Pipelines



We are also seeking High-Rise Building projects

What is required?


Download, install and register Turbo Chart Beta using your email address


Schedule data provided either as

  • P6 XER format, or
  • MS Project MPP file format, or
  • Spreadsheet Listing of Tasks that provides:
    1. Task ID
    2. Task Description,
    3. Task start and Finish dates, and
    4. Task Start and End location values.

Prepared location information for your project’s schedule tasks that identifies:

  • Start location values
  • End location values

An image file that provides a graphical representation of the project, such as an alignment drawing, long section, aerial photo etc

We will return to you


A PDF of a Time Location chart for your project based on the provided information


The Turbo-Chart file so you can continue developing and using your chart as your project schedule evolves.

What we’ll also do


We may include the charts and outputs for our marketing purposes


Ask for feedback and comments that may also be used for marketing

Contact for any further information on the above offer.

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