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Videos providing guidance on the use and features of Turbo Chart, working with Schedule data and creating Time Location Charts

Importing from Primavera P6

An overview of preparing schedule data in Primavera P6, and importing into Turbo Chart

Turbo Chart Beta Release

Our Turbo Chart Beta Release video, providing an introductory overview on the Turbo Chart Beta Release

Time Location Charts - An Overview

Find out more about Time Location charts and how they can be applied to Linear Construction project schedules

Importing from P6 XER Data

A quick guide on Importing data into Turbo Chart from Primavera P6 XER data fles

Importing from Spreasheet Data

A guide to importing data from spreadsheets and from P6 Activity Views

Synchronising Schedule Data

A guide to synchronise schedule data to update Time Location charts in Turbo Chart

Read Turbo Chart Articles

Articles on Turbo Chart news, updates and features

Project Properties and Page Layouts

Project Properties and Page Layouts

V1.2.0.2 of Turbo-Chart introduces a new feature called Project Properties, that allows user defined fields and values to be displayed on page layouts. Allowing title boxes, or variable text to be displayed anywhere on a Chart.

This article provides an overview on how to use this new feature

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Turbo-Chart Purchase Options

Turbo-Chart Purchase Options

It's now even EASIER to produce Time location charts for your Linear Project Schedules Turbo-Chart is now available by SUBSCRIPTION USD $499/year or USD $59/month Click to our Purchase Page for Online payment now other currencies available +10% GST for Australian...

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Case Study: New England Highway at Bolivia Hill

Case Study: New England Highway at Bolivia Hill

As part of their successful tender preparation and submission for the New England Highway Upgrade at Bolivia Hill project, the joint venture between Georgiou and SRG included Time Location charts developed in Turbo-Chart.

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