Bridge Time Location / Linear Schedule Example

This example shows the construction schedule for a concrete girder and segmental bridge construction. The time axis is shown going “up” the page to visualise the completion of the bridge spans, with critical path tasks highlighted.
Data was linked from a Primavera P6 schedule allowing instant updates of the above chart as the P6 schedule was updated. The chart above represents 279 schedule tasks shown on a single page, whereas the P6 Gantt chart print out comprises of 7 seperate pages below.

Bridge Schedule P6 Gantt

The benefits of the single page time location chart (linear schedule) are easily visible, the chart offers all the required information about the construction schedule:

  • The scope of the schedule tasks 
  • The dates when tasks occur
  • The physical area where tasks are occurring
  • The schedule critical path
  • Resources by work type in any given time period
  • Potential clashes or issues with the works
  • Opportunities for improvements

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