Why Turbo-Chart? Compared to Tilos

For producing Time Location charts directly from schedule data, Turbo-Chart presents an uncomplicated, easy and cost effective solution compared to Tilos. This page compares important considerations when comparing between Tilos and Turbo-Chart for your Linear Project Schedule solution.

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Turbo-Chart Explainer Video

urbo-Chart is a new tool for creating Time Location charts, also known as Linear Schedules or Time chainage diagrams. Turbo-Chart takes an elegant approach to visualizing linear project schedules, transforming your existing data into Time-Location charts in minutes.

Turbo-Chart works with your chosen scheduling tool. Your time location chart updates instantly as your schedule changes, so there’s no need to duplicate your work.

Allowing you to focus on planning and scheduling your project, rather than generating charts.

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Turbo-Chart 2020 Pricing Update

From 1st July 2020, we are changing Turbo-Chart Pricing slightly. This
will be the first change in pricing since we made Turbo-Chart commercially
available in October 2017 and for our existing subscribers, you will be able to
continue at current pricing for your next renewal,

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Turbo-Chart User Organisations

Join the list of Organisations benefitting from the speed and ease of use of Turbo-Chart to produce Time Location charts for their Linear Projects, direct from their existing schedule data.

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