Turbo-Chart Shape Patterns

For shapes on charts (other than lines) patterns can be used within the shape fill area to improve the visualisation of schedule activity types. Turbo-chart has several options for configuring the shape patterns used:

Background Colour: Set the colour for the background of the pattern. HINT: Select the advanced tab and set the Alpha (A) value to 0 for full transparency.

Pattern Line Colour: Set the colour for the pattern line

Pattern Style: select the pattern style from the drop down box

Pattern Line Thickness: Set the thickness of the pattern lines

Pattern Line Spacing: Set the spacing between pattern lines

Pattern Preview: provides a preview of the shape including the pattern

V2.0.2.0 Update to Patterns

Release v2.0.2.0 of Turbo-Chart introduced additional Patterns to offer a greater variety of schedule activity display options: 

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