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Time Location Charting Offer

Time Location Charting Offer

Each month, we will produce a Time Location Chart using Turbo-Chart for a selected project’s schedule

We want to help organisations and their projects benefit from using Time Location charts – and also to demonstrate how using Turbo-Chart is the easiest and fastest way to produce them from their project schedules. If you’d like your project to be considered for this offer, then check the details below and complete the form, and we’ll contact you to follow-up.

Offer Details

Any project where location is important may be suitable, we can help advise on this. Examples include:

  • Tunnels
  • Railways
  • Highways
  • Pipelines
  • High Voltage Networks
  • High-Rise Buildings

The following list is useful, but don’t worry we may still be able to assist otherwise:

  • Schedule data in
    • Primavera P6,
    • MS Project,
    • Asta Powerproject or
    • Safran format.
    • Or also a spreadsheet list of task data
  • Location information for schedule tasks
  • Graphics or images that represent the linear elements of the project, such as an alignment drawing, long section, aerial photo, project schematic etc.

Let us know about you and your project