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Customer Stories

Turbo-Chart has already been used by users in over 50 countries around the world

Turbo-Chart Customer Stories

In our Customer Story series of videos below, hear from a range of Turbo-Chart users about the problems they were facing before Turbo-Chart, Why they selected Turbo-Chart, the features of Turbo-Chart they like, and how they are now benefitting from Turbo-Chart.

Once I opened Turbo-Chart I was able to learn the software in less than 3 hours, had a schedule completed in less than a day and clients were impressed within hours of sending an email. We have seen that once we show clients and owners a Location Base Schedule their understanding of the project increases and decision making becomes quickly informed which creates a more successful project
aerial-view-1209164_1920 (1)

New England Highway at Bolivia Hill

We were regularly updating the schedule as our ideas developed, being able to see those schedule changes reflected instantly on the time location charts saved a lot of time and effort. Having the Time Location chart gave us a view of the schedule that we simply could not gain from the traditional P6 outputs.
P. Mitchell
Estimating Manager, Georgiou Group

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