So how do you go about introducing Time Location Charts to your team?

First off is educating your team to get them on board with using this awesome new scheduling technique. You might think this is difficult, but it can happen very quickly. 

Watch the video below for a story of how, in 5 minutes, I turned a pavements manager into a Time Location Chart convert. Or, scroll down if you prefer to read. 


Educating Your Team On Time Location Charts

Getting your team on board doesn’t have to be difficult. Once the right person on your team has that lightbulb moment, things can change very quickly. 

I saw a great example of this when working on a major highway project. The pavements manager constantly wanted to be aware of what the schedule was saying for laying pavement across the motorway. We presented him a Time Location Chart, and his first reaction was “Put that away! It’s too confusing, I don’t have time to make sense of that!”. 


Presenting A Time Location Chart

But we asked for 5 minutes of his time and explained to him how to read a Time Location Chart: Here’s the location axis showing where the work will occur, here are the dates, all the paving activities are shown in grey and black boxes. You can see how they’re moving across the areas of the project and at this point you’ll see how many crews you’ll need and where they’ll be.

Time Location Chart

He looked at it and I could almost see that light bulb turning on above his head. Within a few minutes, he understood the power of what was being presented. From then on, he never wanted to look at a Primavera output again. 

He was constantly asking for the latest schedule update shown in Time-Location format. He’d take it away and scribble on it himself, he would put it on his wall, explain it to other people. He was a convert. 

You might think it’s impossible to get your team on board, but it can happen easily. 

The trick is to show them how easy it is to read Time Location Charts. That’s why I created a video course showing exactly that. 

Get the Full Video Course On Time Location Charts

If you want to educate someone on your team on Time Location Charts, I’ve created a 30-minute video course that covers everything they need to know about Time Location Charts, including:

  • What are Time Location Charts
  • Why they are the best way to communicate a project schedule
  • Who can benefit from Time Location Charts
  • How to read Time Location Charts
  • How to optimise a schedule using a Time Location Chart
  • The best (and worst) ways to generate Time Location Charts
  • A 90-second demo of how to create a Time Location Chart with Turbo-Chart
  • Tips on getting your team on board with using Time Location Charts

Feel free to send it to everyone on your team so they can understand the benefits of this powerful scheduling technique. And, contact me with any questions about Time Location Charts and Turbo-Chart!

>>Click here to get the full video course<<

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