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Articles on Turbo Chart updates, features and user guides

Turbo-Chart License Code Activation Guide

Turbo-Chart License Code Activation Guide

Turbo-Chart Paste Wizard – Improved importing of spreadsheet data into Turbo-Chart to produce Time Location charts

How to guide and video to Copy and Paste data from Primavera P6 using the Turbo-Chart Paste Wizard to produce Linear Schedules/Time Location Charts

Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL PURCHASING TECHNICAL General What is Turbo-Chart? Turbo-Chart is a new tool for generating Time Location charts that are used to visualise linear project schedules. What are Time Location Charts? Time Location

Preparing Gantt Charts with Turbo-Chart

Turbo-Chart can be used to prepare Gantt charts for any project schedule with simple and creative use of the coding used to produce Time Location / Linear Schedules. This article outlines the method to

Turbo-Chart Quick Start Video

Turbo-Chart Quick Start video demonstrating the use and features of Turbo-Chart

Project Properties and Page Layouts

As described in our Change Log , V1.2.0.2 of Turbo-Chart introduces a new feature called Project Properties, that allows user defined fields and values to be displayed on page layouts. Allowing title boxes, or

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