Here’s a quick 2-minute demonstration of how to create Time Location Charts in Turbo-Chart. It’s an overview video of the process of creating the charts from schedule data. The video goes through:

  • Using your schedule data
  • Adding extra data fields for location and display information
  • Importing into Turbo Chart
  • Defining how activities appear
  • Updating the project schedule and re-syncing with your Time Location Chart
  • Comparing differences across two Time-Location schedules
Yes, we cover all that in 2-minutes! 

After watching, you’ll be a feel for how quick and easy it is to create a Time Location Chart with the right tools. 

If you want a full in-depth guide to using Turbo-Chart to create Time Location Charts using Primavera P6, MS Project, and other scheduling tools, check out our User Guides and Tutorials.

Want to learn more about Time Location Charts?

If you want to learn more about time location charts, we’ve created a free min-course that explains everything you need to get started in 30-minutes. Including:

  • What are Time Location Charts
  • Why they are the best way to communicate a project schedule
  • Who can benefit from Time Location Charts
  • How to read Time Location Charts
  • How to optimise a schedule using a Time Location Chart
  • The best (and worst) ways to generate Time Location Charts
  • A 90-second demo of how to create a Time Location Chart with Turbo-Chart
  • Tips on getting your team on board with using Time Location Charts

If you find it helpful, feel free to share it and send it along to anyone that can benefit. And, contact me with any questions about Time Location Charts and Turbo-Chart!

>>Click Here to Watch the Full Time Location Charts Course<<

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