Managing Charts within Turbo-Chart

Every Turbo-Chart file (*tchart) can contain multiple charts. Each Chart – 

  1.  May reference its own dataset,
  2. Display a selection of Shape Codes specific for the chart
  3. Display a time and location range specific to the chart
  4. Display its own Top Image
  5. Display its own set of Highlighters 

Manage Charts

Turbo-Chart allows quick generation of charts by:

  1. Creating a new blank chart, or
  2. Duplicating an existing chart

To Manage charts, click on the Button (triple ellipses) next to the the Charts on the bottom toolbar. Charts may also be renamed by double clicking the Name and overwriting the displayed name.

Turbo-Chart v2.0.6.3 has moved the Create New chart and Duplicate Chart buttons onto the Manage Charts dialog.

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