Turbo-Chart Shape Library Pane

The Shape Library pane contains two tabs:

Legend Tab displays the Shape Codes that will be displayed in the legend shown for the current chart. To view the legend on the chart ensure that WINDOWS>PRINT PREVIEW MODE has been enabled:


All Tab displays a list of all the Shape Codes for all tasks in all the datasets within the current Turbo-Chart file.  From this list select any specific ShapeCode to toggle on/off display on the current chart legend:

Turbo-Chart v2.0.6.2 update now allows the selection of ShapeCodes to be displayed in the Shape Library Pane directly, including options to turn all on/off

Shape Library per Chart

A reminder that the displayed Shape Codes are specific to the displayed chart. A Turbo-Chart file may contain multiple charts, with each chart having its own selection of ShapeCodes to be displayed.

1 = The current selected chart, other charts appear as tabs here, much like worksheets in Excel

2 = Create a New Chart

3 = Copy/Duplicate the selected chart to a new chart including selected ShapeCodes

4 = Manage & Rename charts


5 = Select the dataset being displayed on the current chart

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