• Less complex, easier to learn
  • Simple integration with P6/Excel, saves you time
  • Pay for the functionality you need, saves you money

Tilos(1) is an accomplished software tool for fully integrated planning, scheduling and resourcing of Linear Projects using Time Location format. If you need all of this integrated functionality then Tilos is probably still the best tool on the market. However, we are also discovering that many Project Planners and Schedulers:

  • Want a simpler and easier tool for visualising their linear project schedule in Time Location format, and
  • Are already using scheduling tools like Primavera P6 for their linear project schedules

Turbo Chart focuses on producing Time Location charts based on your existing schedule data, as easily as possible, by working alongside your scheduling tools. We don’t have some of the advanced planning features of Tilos like resource based scheduling, or production rates etc, but this makes Turbo Chart quicker to learn and easier to use. And because it uses the schedule dates in P6 (or any spreadsheet data capable tool) there is a single source of the truth – there is no complicated integration process. Just update your schedule in P6 and instantly see the results in Turbo chart!

Benefits of Turbo Chart
  • Quick to learn: hours rather than days spent learning a sophisticated scheduling tool
  • Easy to use: without unnecessary complexity that you don’t require
  • Cost effective: avoid paying for features you don’t need or that you wont use
  • Uncomplicated: designed purely for charting and visulaising your existing schedule
  • Single schedule source: maintain scheduling data in your preferred tool like P6 or any spreadsheet/table capable tool
  • Fast: create charts in minutes, update charts in seconds

(1) Tilos is a Trimble product

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