Here’s a list of five reasons more users and their projects are choosing to use Turbo-Chart over other options such as Tilos or manually created Excel charts:

1 Instant Updates

Instantly see your Schedule updates in Time Location format. No need to export to a file, then import, or waiting for an expensive consultant to make those changes. With Turbo-Chart you can just press RE-SYNCH to instantly see your schedule changes

2 Easy to Self-Learn

Be up and running within minutes. Turbo-Chart users don’t need to spend days in training and then weeks of struggling to create Time Location charts. In fact within only a few hours of self-learning, you will be producing outputs you can show to your entire team

3 Schedule Comparisons

Comparing different schedules. Turbo-Chart lets you import different schedule data into the same Turbo-Chart file, letting you easily switch between different schedules, or even comparing them on the same chart

4 Save Money & Time

The benefits of Turbo-Chart are more than just the price saving of the licenses. Turbo-Chart reduces the time and (therefore cost!) spent learning to produce Time Location Charts.

5 Single Schedule Source

Keep your schedule data in one source. We know schedules are used for many purposes, and producing Time Location charts in another tool increases the risk of multiple schedule versions and the struggle of aligning them all up. Turbo-Chart lets you keep using your primary schedule data without creating another source.

Download Turbo-Chart now to try it for yourself and see how you can start benefitting from Time Location charts right away!

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