Why Turbo-Chart? Compared to Tilos

We’re often asked “Is Turbo-Chart similar to Tilos?”

When we started developing Turbo-Chart we never expected this, our philosophy and solution was to offer simple, quick and easy Time Location charts / linear schedules from existing schedules. And as we speak to more users, we’re finding out that this is the solution they are seeking also.

See our comparison items below, watch the video or the summary table, and if you have any questions, please contact us or schedule a call for a demonstration


If you require a sophisticated linear project scheduling tool, then Tilos might be the solution, but comes with the price tag and complexities associated with using another scheduling tool.

However, if your requirement is to benefit from Time Location / Linear Schedule charts directly from your existing scheduling data, then Turbo-Chart presents an uncomplicated, easy and cost effective solution compared to Tilos. 

Quick & Easy Time Location charts when data is prepared in existing scheduling tools

Complex scheduling software for linear construction projects that combines time and distance


Turbo-Chart is offered on a subscription basis, offering lower entry costs. Choose the period you require it for with monthly or annual options.

All software updates and support available while subscribed, no additional maintenance applies.

Turbo-Chart does not require any additional modules or licenses to connect to popular scheduling tools and requiring only minimal training further reducing costs

USD$549/yr annual subscription

No extra module costs

Monthly subscriptions available

USD$Thousands per license

+ Extra cost for P6/MSP data exchange

+ 20% annual Maintenance

+ Training and learning time cost

Training and Learning

Avoid training and learning complicated new scheduling tools just to produce the output charts.

Turbo-Chart takes advantage or your existing scheduling skills and knowledge, to be able to produce output charts in a few hours or even minutes, and update them as your schedule changes in seconds.

Letting you focus your time and effort on Planning and Scheduling your projects

Easy to self-learn

Produce outputs in hours or even minutes

Complex and detailed scheduling tool

Days of Instructor lead training

+Weeks or months of learning

Data Exchange

Turbo-Chart is designed to work side-by-side with existing scheduling tools, not to replace them and avoids complicated import processes between scheduling systems

Turbo-Chart lets you continue using your integrated master schedule from a single source rather than extracting and working in an offline copy of just the linear or physical elements of your project

Direct connection to scheduling tools Primavera P6, MS Project, Asta PowerProject, Safran

Import any spreadsheet data using Paste Wizard

Single click synchronisation of schedule data, update from source schedules in seconds

Requires additional interface modules for P6 and MS Project

Import/export using XML file format only

Integration Issues may occur

Turbo-Chart compared to Tilos. Why choose Turbo-Chart?
Turbo-Chart Vs Tilos Comparison (Click to Enlarge)

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